Gaura Construction Private Ltd is “A” Class Construction company, established in 1976, Nepal. With more than 25 years of experience in the construction field, we offer best-integrated solutions to both the private sector and government sector clients. Till date, we have accomplished over hundreds of project worth more than $10 billion. A service-based culture and a non adversial approach to deliver safe projects are key factors to Gaura’s success in marketplace. For over years, Clients have trusted us for safe, ethical and successful completion of Capital projects.
Gaura Construction has grown to become one of the most influential construction group of 21st Century, having a strong presence in the territory of Nepal. As a leader in sustainable construction, our key ambition is to shape a better future of every nation. We firmly believe in creating a difference in the business sector and equally advocate value for quality and innovation with professional engineered solutions.
Our Company has a long history of providing a multitude of construction projects with quality project leads. Our dedicated team of engineers and professionals carry out R&D proficiently with relevant reports inclusive of planning, design, documentation, tender along with its commencement. We work efficiently to take a collaborative and strategic approach.