Our project management service starts with management and continues throughout the project cycle. Our project management service comprise of core functions and competencies which can be customized as per client’s requirement. We believe in maintaining high end relationship with every clients in a win-win alliance. Our approach can be closely observed at every construction project level. Our approach includes,

  • Management of client risk to protect and enhance clients business.
  • Thoroughly understand client’s requirement and add value to both outlined project and on-site project.
  • Ensure individuality of every projects along with its uniqueness and frame exact management service.


  • Our expertise project managers allow us to provide wide range of service in the core function of project management.
  • We involve from conceptual development to project completion, providing design management, project management , commissioning and handovers.
  • Our experience includes long duration projects to short framed projects with immediate consulting service.

To know more about Gaura’s Project Management Service, kindly email us or call us at 01-4445003 or 01-4445001!