Gaura Construction provides professional design management service to fully cater and manage projects from the inception stage to the completion of document. Gaura understands the importance of dedicated in house resources to design and deliver projects.

We have in-house Design managers who closely work with the traditional and modern infused designs to develop, manage and coordinate cost-effective solutions to our clients while fortifying design specifications, statutory construction requirements & standards.

Our designing team frame the master plan right from the construction documentation. With significant experience and harnessed skills present with Gaura’s design and construction team, we make sure our clients receive optimal outcomes in terms of quality, risk management , cost and design. We use cutting edge construction methodologies enabling us to collaborate with stakeholders in order to sync innovation, design and construction.


  • Development of scope for engineering and architectural design service.
  • Assess consultants and develop design schedules by identifying on hand critical path activities.
  • Coordinating and planning design activities and consultants.
  • Liaising with every individual clients including progress report.
  • Resolving design issues by properly managing change control, disseminating information and collating.
  • Coordinating cost planning and budgetary activities.
  • Following and annexing every quality assurance procedures.
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies and authorities for building and planning permits.
  • Assessing construction time period with design build ability.
  • Proper coordination with team for fast-track construction activities.
  • Comply with client’s time, quality and budget requirement at an early involvement.

For every kind of Design Management service, contact us via email or call us at 01-4445001 or 01-4445003!