“Gaura’s Corporate Social Responsibility revolves around People, Community,Environment and Sustainability.”



Gaura Construction takes its CSR seriously with a core commitment to “Shape A Better Life” for every stakeholders adding value to the project chain.  Sustainable construction is the bloodline of our development strategy. We are highly committed in attaining excellency in quality management through powerful  client engagement understanding their investment and expectations within our diversified workforce. In our every input stage we make sure to ensure quality standards from inception to design phase and to project project implementation. While our Research and Development aims to continuously improvise construction and technology process. Our Quality Management System avails continuity in operations, defined quality standards with superior construction process and method.



Health and safety is our paramount objective to ensure welfare, health and safety of every people involved in our organization operations. Our commitment to health and safety is an integral part and is an adopted group wide policy provides platform to ensure every employees are aligned to health and safety, protected by our Safety Program. Our health culture frames security and accountability. The framed Health and Safety standards are underpinned by us aiming to foster positive safety behaviors, transparency, risk awareness and worker engagement. We successfully manage health and safety risk with leading health and safety management standards.



We create improvised access to health care, employment opportunities, education within local communities. As we are continuously in the growing process every day, we are committed to developing support to local workforce, promoting long term employment with related education and training for further improvisation of trade skills & career opportunities in every of our project locations. We are a strong community supporter where we believe in giving back to the communities in which we work with the objective of supporting inaugurals which aligns with every of our corporate values.



Our agenda is to provide innovate solutions to decline environmental impact seeking to better of the living and working environment of every end users. To meet the challenges of sustainability we have successfully implemented  Key Performance Indicators monitored and linked to each commitment . Our indicators include;

  • Environment and sustainable construction: High performance projects for shaping better quality life consisting of innovative eco-designs.
  • Customers and partner for a sustainable projects: We are keen to establish, commit and share our achieved goals for sustainable performance by binding ethics and compliance on every projects.
  • Local commitment & community aid: We are a player, committed to development of territories through local contributions and get highly involve civil society and local communities.
  • Development and Respect of Employees: Employees are the talent and success of every projects. For whom we ensure equal opportunities, guaranteed health and safety service and foster positive cohesion in the entire workplace.

Gaura ensures to put in every aforesaid key indicators in the project life cycle from design to operation optimization in creating long term value to communities and customer value. We are committed in recognizing excellence in Environmental Management.